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Sorry it took me so long to get to this one. Weird recording schedule. So, uh... What do I have to do to get the harder versions?

we will send you an actual evil beard ghost to battle with your wrestling expertise


Alright, I found the ghost, but this one still has legs and keeps screaming that he's just a mailman. Please advise.

this is impossible my friend

out of curiosity, how many ghosts is the best youve gotten? originally, you had to get 50 off, then 40, and now 37, but we might have to drop it a bit more!

37 is doable though! But you are right, it’s super tough.


I dont remember, but the life of the boat its a very little life regarding the number of enemies

Hey man! We updated the game, changed the ghosts from 37 to 30, and added a counter on the game over screen. Thanks for your feedback!


is this possible

wrestling with your ghosts is never easy