Browser version discontinued!

Heya folks!

It's been a while, hasn't it? I don't have much new things to share, but I am making an executive decision due to being an executive boss person on this project I'm making by myself.

Clam 2 has been on hiatus for a bit, and while I'm slowly picking up development again, the project in its current state is just way more improved than the browser version. I've added a bunch of features and changes that makes the game run poorly or incorrectly in WEBGL players, so in order to ensure that anyone who plays the game gets to try the real, intended experience, I'm removing the browser build. 

Sorry for any inconvenience! It's a small-ish download (about 1.5gb) and I hope the changes are worth it!

Will be sharing more soon! Have a good one.


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wait i could have played clam man 2 open mic in my browser all along and i didn't know about it until it was discontinued??? o: this is bad comedy


I like the cut of your jib sir you are hired